Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Washing Machine and Water Damage

Water Damage We all know the rules - Never leave your house with the dryer running, oven on or a candle burning right? Your home may catch on fire, so we make s... READ MORE

Water Damage in Prosperity, SC

Toilet overflow – at some point it will happen and most likely when you’re not expecting it. This home in Prosperity, SC experienced it first-hand.... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage at a home in Prosperity, SC

Checking your toilet supply lines often is important (like every time you clean your toilet important). Faulty supply lines can deteriorate over the years espe... READ MORE

Busted Waterline in Newberry, SC

A burst water pipe inside your home, no matter where the location can cause severe damage to flooring, walls and your personal belonging within your home. A sm... READ MORE

Local Family Suffers Severe Damage Due to Busted Pipe

During a cold snap in South Carolina many families were hit hard by busted pipes. One such family was the Harris family. While they were out of town the pipe bu... READ MORE

Busted Pipe Wreaks Havoc on Local Church in Clinton South Carolina

Due to a long freeze we experienced in South Carolina, many homes and businesses suffered from frozen pipes. First Pentecostal Church in Clinton, South Carolina... READ MORE

Newberry County South Carolina Residents Caught by Surprise

The Dempsey's came home one evening to find a pipe had busted during a long freeze in the area. Our crew worked to dry out several rooms in the house. We were a... READ MORE

Prosperity South Carolina Lake Home Before and After

A busted water heater created havoc for one of our clients. The water heater ruptured and spilled countless gallons of water onto the floor. The floors, furnitu... READ MORE