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Water Damage Testimonials

There are not enough stars! This company has been on the ball since day one of my emergency. They are trustworthy and knowledgeable about everything they do. I am so happy to have had a company that is patient in explaining how things work and how long things will take. They made this flooding experience as painless as you can make a flood. Thank you so much.

Our hot water heater busted causing or closet floor and walls to become wet. After calling , Kaitlyn and her team came to set up machines that had our floor and walls dried in two days! If it wasn’t for them we would be replacing the walls in our closet as well as our floors.

It was a Monday and holiday and my office had a MAJOR water damage and I immediately called SERVPRO. They were at my office in 45 minutes and began cleaning up. They have continued to be here and help with the damage between walls and floors and have helped with whatever we needed. They also helped to keep our practice open. I appreciate Mel and his staff very much. Julie Barnes Newberry Internal Medicine 

Mel and Mel JR and their team were amazing. They went above and beyond to help us with a huge water damage that happened in our house. From the very start of the process they guided us through it all and did an amazing job. Thank you for all y’all have done for us!!!

They worked with my Insurance company and took the stress off of me. Communication was top notch as was promptness and professionalism. Highly recommend.

We called SERVPRO for a mold issue we thought we discovered while replacing flooring - we had never had a water leak since purchasing the home and wasn’t sure what to do - but Kimberly was so helpful in getting Mel out quickly to access our problem, He explained what probably happened- sprayed for anything that may still be there and advised what we needed to do to move forward, all at no charge! - it all worked and the tile installation was able to go as planned, I can’t thank both Mel and Kimberly enough for all their help so thankful we called!!

SERVPRO was wonderful! I called them after we had major damage when our pipes burst during a freeze. Kim was very helpful and got Mel and his crew out there within hours of us reaching out. Very professional and great customer service. Highly recommend them!

Excellent response time. Thanks for all your help!

Had a great first experience with SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens! Despite the overwhelming amount of demand for mitigation services due to the recent winter storm, Kimberly was incredibly helpful in working my property into their busy schedule. Mel came out and offered a helpful diagnosis and logical plan moving forward, and plans are in place for getting any necessary mitigation underway soon. Thank you Kimberly and Mel for your professionalism and generosity!

Had a pipe break and flood a work facility on Christmas Eve. After adjusting their schedule, they were able to come Christmas morning and complete the extraction. I cannot be more praiseworthy.

Mel and his crew did an amazing, fast, and very professional job cleaning up water damage in my home. He went above and beyond to explain the process, was there exactly when he said they would be, and got us dried out quickly! I highly recommend SERVPRO of Laurens/Newberry! Great folks that will take great care of you when you need them!

I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it was working with SERVPRO when I had 4 pipes burst in May 2021. Mel came out and evaluated the water damage. He set up 5 dehumidifiers and blowers to dry everything out. He came by every day to check on the progress. He handled all correspondence with my homeowners insurance. The claims adjuster assigned to my claim was impossible to get in touch with. (That headache alone was another issue I did not have to worry with.) Mel and his company handled everything. From demolition of my floors, drywall, cabinets and baseboards and all the cleanup…. SERVPRO was superb and helped me get my insurance to pay for all the repairs I needed. This company was prompt, thorough and professional! Thank you Mel for helping this girl out!! ?? ?? ?? ?? ??!!!!

Thanks for the prompt attention given to the water damage in my home. Will call you for some carpet cleaning when Whitaker finishes.


Joe Nelson

Mel and his team are amazing. On Memorial Day, our septic system failed and covered the surface of our basement with waste. Mel and his team were on site within 2 hours of the call on a holiday. They immediately remedied the odor and began the clean up. SERVPRO made a smelly situation much easier to deal with. Thank you SERVPRO!

Let me just say how much of a blessing Mel and his guys were to my family. At the end of January my husband and I tested positive for COVID. In the midst of all that, a water line in our upstairs bathroom busted sometime in the night. At 5:30 in the morning we realized this nightmare and quickly called our insurance company who then called SERVPRO in. Mel and one of his guys came out as soon as they could get a truck packed and ready, they suited up with COVID protection and came immediately to start drying as much water as they could. Over the next several weeks them and the crew worked tirelessly to get as much water damage out of our home as possible. They stripped floors, packed belongings and answered so many questions for us. I really cannot say enough good things about Mel, his team, and SERVPRO. They went above and beyond and made a terrible situation a lot easier to handle.

I've had basic carpet cleaning on three occasions with great results. I had potential major water damage to my newly-installed carpets in my basement after a big, heavy rain. I was out of town when it was discovered and after calling and speaking to Vicky at SERVPRO, the owner and his colleagues were at my house within the hour. Because of their quick response and their commitment over the course of several days to mitigating the water damage to my brand new carpet, the carpet was not only salvaged but brought back to completely dry, escaping sure ruin had it not been for the efforts of the professionals at SERVPRO. I know I can count on excellent service, professional, timely service and a smiling voice on the other end when I call. Vicky is a friendly professional who I look forward to talking with any time I have a carpet cleaning need. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens Counties.

They did an excellent job drying out the kitchen. Very professional and friendly.

My mom’s water heater burst and flooded three rooms. It was a disaster. We called SERVPRO and they were onsite within one hour. Their quick response significantly reduced the amount of damage. Thanks to SERVPRO for doing a great job.

I purchased a home to resale and came by to check on things when I discovered a toliet in my upstairs bathroom had overflowed and did damage to the ceiling in the kitchen. I called Mel with SERVPRO to come out and check the damage it caused. Mel determined that the damage was minimal and he felt confident that I would have no mold issue and the clean up that I did was sufficient for the water damage. I was happy that I wasn't going to have to spend any more money. He was honest and that meant more to me than anything.  I would recommend SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens Counties to anymore. Honest company - Thank you Mel for being so kind to me.

Thank  you 

Angie Beaty

We had a major kitchen pipe burst, Mel, Kim and the entire SERVPRO team came to the rescue!!. They are all so friendly and willing to help in anyway possible to get your house back in order.

Kimberly and Mel with SERVPRO are top notch! The whole downstairs of my house was flooded. They handled it in a very efficient and timely manner. Even referred me to a flooring company for new flooring install.They took the headache and hassle out of this horrible situation. Two thumbs up for these guys!

Great customer service from SERVPRO. They were able to get to our house quickly after a flood in our kitchen. They are reliable and professional.

Great experience, would recommend anyone!

Everyone acted very professional. After Mel showed up I immediately felt less anxious. They have the personality suited for the job. The crew did an amazing job and was incredibly professional throughout the experience.

The first step of getting everything out and getting it dry was so important. Before SERVPRO arrived, it was a mess and I was very surprised that in just a few days we had it looking like this... I am absolutely happy with what SERVPRO did for us. As bad as it was it was turned around very quickly.

What a GREAT TEAM!! Thank you for all the encouragement and work provided to my small business!

Thanks to you and your guys at SERVPRO for a job well done!

Don't know what we would have done if ya'll did not show up when you did. All your employees were professional and courteous. Chris and Dianne were excellent packers!

SERVPRO was both expedient and professional in dealing with my water damage emergency. The water heater had ruptured and poured countless gallons of water onto the floor; ruining floor covering, furniture, walls and baseboards.

The drying process helped me salvage a lot of family articles that otherwise would have been lost.

The insurance claim process was also made easy with Mel Kitchens providing detailed information to adjuster and following up as needed.

Mr. Kitchens and SERVPRO personally followed up with me to ensure the issue was remedied and I was 100% satisfied.

I had been out of the house for about an hour and a half running errands. I returned home to find water all over my house. The caring and compassionate representatives with SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens Counties were so professional. Mel and Little Mel took care of everything and made you feel like you weren't by yourself. They really acted like part of the family and their work was very much appreciated.

I was panicking after having found a busted pipe in my home on a Saturday morning. Not knowing what to do, I immediately called Mel Kitchens and SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens County.  They sprang into action right away and Little Mel and his partner were outstanding!  They took care of the damage and explained everything working non-stop until the job was complete.

Greg Alexander

President & CEO

Laurens County Chamber of Commerce

I came home around 10:30 pm to find water coming out of the front door of my house. My water heater pipe had busted and water was pouring into my house. The first phone call I made was to SERVPRO. The dispatcher was very friendly and professional. She informed me that a team would be right out. Less than an hour the guys were at my house and didn't skip a beat. They went straight to work removing the water. The next morning I contacted my State Farm Agent and they said to let Mel and the SERVPRO team do what they needed to do and that they trusted them completely. The guys were back early the next morning and began taking out the floors and carpet. They SERVPRO team was very fast, friendly, efficient and professional. If you ever have water damage, I highly suggest you contact SERVPRO. Mel and his team were absolutely awesome.

Scott Leagan
Paramedic Supervisor

"Late on a Friday, we discovered a leak in the master bath of our home caused by our two-year old son's overzealous twisting of the hot and cold faucet valves just days before. Our house is a modular, and the water built up and was held in the moisture-proof insulation barrier sheeting. Hundreds of pounds of wet, blown -in cellulose insulation was just waiting to start growing and spreading mold. Luckily, we caught the leak shortly after it started, and SERVPRO was able to send a crew as soon as we realized that we couldn't do the work ourselves on Saturday morning. A crew of three professionals arrived, took our concerns seriously, and brought in the right pumps, diagnostics equipment, and materials to remediate our problem immediately. Their professionalism, cleanliness, and attention to detail was phenomenal. They were courteous and took the time to explain their mold prevention efforts and walk us through what they were doing. It's good to know that there are still companies with staff members who value doing quality work with pride and efficiency. Thanks SERVPRO! You saved me and my family from what would have surely been a massive mold infestation." 

"Palmetto Bone and Joint" has been very pleased with SERVPRO for many years. They always come in a timely manner. We have used them for carpet cleaning, tile floors and also repaired our water damaged building. Very professional and would recommend them to anyone.

When we walked into our home to see water pouring from our ceiling, our first thought was panic and disbelief. Our insurance agent called SERVPRO immediately. They came and jumped right in, pulling up carpet and putting their fan system in place to minimize any more damage. They had a sense of urgency, support, assurance, and kindness that put our family at ease ensuring us that our house was salvageable and would be back to normal soon. Our pipe bursting was difficult, but SERVPRO made the rebuilding process easier. When we reflect on the experience, SERVPRO held our hands as we returned our house into our home again.

 Thanks for everything!

I have had the pleasure of using the services of SERVPRO twice. My initial contact was a scheduled appointment to clean my carpet. The employees arrived on time and did an outstanding job. They were helpful in all areas. My second request was an emergency HOT WATER HEATER TANK PIPE'S BUST. The house was flooded. SERVPRO arrived with all their equipment used to extract the water, removed the damaged carpeting and linoleum, and base boards to avoid mold and immediately began the drying process. This operation was monitored for 5 days. SERVPRO has a superior operation, managers and staff. Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination but this exists at SERVPRO! Thanks to all of you!

We love sharing letters and testimonial from our satisfied customers. Here is one we received from a lady who suffered from water damages.

"SERVPRO Is the Best!

When you’ve had a plumbing disaster of epic proportions, there are only four words you want to hear. As I was about to dissolve in the three inches of standing water in my office, teary-eyed and shaking, SERVPRO of Newberry said those four words to me: “We can fix that.”The upstairs toilet had not leaked, but spewed, through the night. The rug in the upstairs bedroom “squished” when you walked on it, and the floor was covered with water. The bedroom was directly above my office, and downstairs I discovered worse damage. It seemed to be raining from the ceiling fan, and rain was pouring from the corner. My heart sank. Old houses are hard, and we have an older home, built in 1924. Read More